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Transform your finance setup

Using efficient features to optimise your finances

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Our practice management software is a fast and effective tool used for managing your procedures through a single workflow across all operations.

Optimising your finances is made easy by using a few time-saving reports and features.

This article includes:

Reports on Profit and Loss

The end of the financial year can be a very busy time, finding all your incoming and outgoing expenditures can be a long process.

We make it super easy with our Profit and Loss Report and it captures all your information broken down in an effortless report!

Adding Wages, Purchases, and Assets

Searching for all your tax-deductible items, like wages, purchases, or even assets, and then placing them into a report can be very time-consuming.

Our system has excellent features for accessing and storing this information.

Adding Wages, Add a Purchase, or even Creating Loans for Assets guides, help simplify this process.


Ever wondered how much you are owed per client? Or how overdue your invoices are? This report allows you to access all this information from one area.

To utilise this information, our Financial Reports article makes managing this very simple!

πŸ’‘ Did you know coreplus offers to create private or public add ons? See more information here: Developing your own integration

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