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Adding Wages

Add wages into coreplus to help with reporting at the end of the financial year

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You may want to record your outgoing wages in coreplus to help with reporting at the end of the financial year or just to keep track if you aren't using a 3rd party accounting software.

To add wages in coreplus follow the below steps:

1. Navigate to Dashboard

2. Scroll to Data > Purchases

3. Click on Add Purchase

4. Tick Wages

4. Fill in the details of the wage (fields explained below)

5. Click Save when finished

  • Period start: The start of the payment cycle date

  • Period end: The end of the payment cycle date

  • Date Banked: The date the payment was banked

  • Employee: The employee receiving the wage

  • Item: What you wish to call the transaction (Weekly wage etc)

  • Cheque/Transaction Num: The cheque or transaction number if applicable

  • Total for Period: The total amount paid

  • Super: Total amount of super paid if applicable

  • Pre Tax Pay: Amount paid before tax if applicable

  • Tax: The amount of tax paid if applicable

  • HELP: Higher Education Loan Program - If there is any HELP/HECS debt deducted from the payment

  • Bank: What bank is used

  • Payment Method: What payment method was used

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