We will first explore how to create an asset before seeing how to record the loaning out of the asset.

1. Navigate to Dashboard > Data > Assets and click on Add Asset

2. Fill in the details of the asset (fields explained below) and click Save Asset when finished

  • Serial Number: A number that will uniquely identify the item

  • Category: The category the item belongs too. If for example you loan out numerous Laptops and Keyboards you would create a group called I.T.

  • Item: The name of the item

  • Asset Description: A brief description of the item

  • Alert Level: How low stock levels can go before an alert will be displayed, explaining to the user that their stock levels are dropping too low

  • In Stock: How much of that item is currently in stock

 💡 Categories can be added, edited or deleted through the 'Manage' button.

3. Click on the asset you want to loan out (you can also use the drop down, search bar or the checkbox for Overdue assets to narrow down your search), click on Add Loan, fill in the details of the load (fields explained below) and click on Save once finished.

  • Date Out: The date that the item was loaned out. This field may be left blank

  • Date Due: The date the item is expected to be returned. This field may be left blank

  • Date Returned: The date the item was returned. This field may be left blank

  • Client: The name of the client who is loaning out the item. Simply start to type the clients name and a list will appear with all the predicted names

  • Notes: Optional notes on the loan

6. To edit a loan, click into the asset, edit as necessary and then click Update Asset

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