Purchases are widely used by financial reports, booking appointments and purchase orders and help to keep your practise organised. 

💡 Keeping your categories and purchases organised and up to date can save a lot of time and effort when it comes to tax time

📝 Be sure to check out how to add a category first before adding purchases

1. To add a purchase, navigate to Dashboard > Data > Purchases and click Add Purchase

2. In the Add Purchase page, you can enter specific information to be recorded about the purchase with mandatory fields denoted in red. When finished, click Insert to add the purchase to your chosen category 

💡 The Pre-GST Calculator can be useful in determining the GST/pre-GST price. Enter the full price in Purchase Amount ($50.00) and click Calculate to get the price of GST ($4.55) and the pre-GST ($45.45) cost of the purchase

3. All added purchases appear in the main Purchases page. The search function can be used to narrow results down by category and key words to find specific purchases.

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