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Our FAQs are based on the most commonly asked questions by our coreplus community. This section focuses on questions asked when you are just getting started in coreplus. Each collection has its own FAQ article, simply navigate to the collection to find each article for our most frequently asked questions!

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How do you Email or SMS all New Clients?

Click on Data then Batch Jobs from the Dashboard. Click Mailing Labels under the Mailing heading. From here you can select either Client or Referrer addresses, and what the Marketing Consent status from their details page is. Alternatively, you can quickly get export your client's email addresses by following these detailed steps.

How do you edit all Email Reminders?

From the Dashboard, click Setup then select Settings. In Templates, click Email Appointment Reminder. Edit the time frame/ reminder for the client.

Where do you get the SMS response from the client?

You can see the client's SMS reply in a couple of different areas.

Dashboard: Under 'My appointments Today' there is a column for 'SMS Reply' where the replies will display. You can also view appointments from previous and future dates by clicking on the calendar icon above 'SMS Reply'

In Calendar: Whilst in 'Day View', each appointment that has an SMS reminder scheduled will have a little 'Text bobble' displayed. By clicking on this you can see the reminder that was sent out. Once the client replies, the bobble will turn green and display the reply

In the Client File: Under each Client file, go to Admin Notes where you can see inbound and outbound messages relating to this specific Client.

What does it cost for appointment reminders?

It depends on your plan, it could be from 10 -20c depending. Please note that SMS are billed per the first 160 characters and per 153 characters thereafter. You can see further details here.

Can you export a list of all of your clients?

From the Dashboard click on Data then Batch Jobs, under the Mailing heading click Mailing Labels. To see the steps in more detail you can click this link.

What is an admin note?

Admin notes allow you to create notes for an interaction with a client, or an Admin reminder for a follow-up report/referral. From the client's Overview page, on the left side menu click Admin Notes, then Add Notes. Please note SMS/Email appointment reminders & manual SMS/Email sent from the client record will be added as a "DONE" Admin Note automatically.

How can I remind myself of something that I need a client to do?

You can create a reminder. From a client file, click Reminders in the menu panel and then click Create Reminder, Select where you would like the reminder to appear, who should be reminded, the reminder message itself, and the date you would like to see the reminder. Click Save

How can I remind a client of a particular appointment of additional things they need for their appointment?

Appointment alerts are a great way to set a note or reminder relevant to a client that appears when the next appointment is being booked for that client, From the client's file, click on Appointments. On the right of the Appointments screen, type in the message in the Appointment Alert box and click on Save

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