In the event that you need to communicate via email or text with your clients you can follow the below guide to enter their contact information into the recipient field without having to click their name individually.

Both will require an export and then a slight adjustment in Excel to be able to paste them into the recipient field.

We will go through extracting the data for both SMS and email, then the steps for modifying the data in Excel, which is the same for both types of communication.


To retrieve a list of all your clients mobile numbers, you will need to complete a Data Backup of Client Details.
Instructions on how to complete this can be found in our existing guides:
Data Backup on PC
Data Backup on Mac


You can quickly get an export of your clients email addresses by following the below steps.   

1. Click on Data then Batch Jobs from the Dashboard

2. Click Mailing Labels under the Mailing heading

3. From here you can select either Client or Referrer addresses, and what the Marketing Consent status from their details page is. (Client is what we want in this example)

4. Select whether you would like to Print or Export the list to a CSV file (Export is what we want in this example)

SMS or Email within a date range

If you'd like to specifically contact clients that have appointments within a set date range, you can now export these details from within our booked report!

1. Click on Reports then Calendar from the Dashboard
2. Click on Booked, select a date range and click Generate
3. Click Export CSV button and follow the below steps for either mobile number or email address

Preparing the data in Excel

Once you have the text file with the emails or mobile number you would like to contact, you can either copy and paste the entire column into a 3rd party SMS provider or email client, or follow the below steps to get them ready for use in coreplus.

We will use the Mailing Labels email addresses export as an example but if you are looking for mobile numbers, the same steps will apply to the client details file from your Data Backup.

1. Drag into Excel or open the file using the File > Open menu option

2. Insert two new columns next to the email addresses or mobile numbers OR use two blank columns next to the data you need. Then fill one column with a semicolon character and drag this down

3. In the second new column next to the first semicolon, enter the following formula:
=CONCAT(G2,H2) and drag this formula down as far as needed (NB: This is for the example shown below - Your exact column letters may vary!)

4. Click on this column and copy it

5. Paste this into the recipient field for Email or SMS
NB: We suggest adding the email addresses into the BCC recipient field to ensure confidentiality - Click Show/Hide Additional recipients to show the BCC field) 

If you need further assistance on the concatenation formula in Excel, Microsoft have a great help article here

💡 Youtube has some great step by step videos too! 😁

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