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FAQ Client Portal
FAQ Client Portal

FAQ Client Portal

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Our FAQs are based on the most commonly asked questions by our coreplus community. This section focuses on questions asked when you are just getting started in coreplus. Each collection has its own FAQ article, simply navigate to the collection to find each article for our most frequently asked questions!

This article covers:

I can't see my schedule on the portal

You first need to create your schedule.

Once your schedule is created, you can then Navigate to Calendar. View Schedule, Click on the schedule you want to be displayed, scroll to the section "Publish To", and then select Client portal. It will now be displayed in the portal.

I want to create an appointment type under my specialist category

Mapping appointment types allows you to control the types of appointments you make available through the portal. You can map your appointment types by following these detailed steps.

I have multiple practitioners that need to be displayed in the portal, how do I display them?

You can set up practitioners relevant to the service of your clients by setting up practitioner profiles. You set up your practitioners by following these detailed steps

I have my own website, can I connect it to the client portal?

Yes, you certainly can, it is very easy to do so!

If you follow these detailed steps you can set it up very quickly and fuss-free!

πŸš€ Did you know that our add-on Snapforms allows clients to include forms to their booking form to be filled out and are automatically created in coreplus?

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