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Create a Waiting List

Create a waitlist from the calendar for your clients

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Having too many clients for your practitioners is a great problem to have, however sometimes you want a place to store these clients and to easily be able to fill last-minute cancellations from an itemised list, this is where creating a waitlist can help.

πŸ“ You need to make sure you have created the client first otherwise you will not be able to add them to your waitlist

This article includes:

Adding clients to your waitlist

1. From the calendar, click on More, then Waiting List

2. Select Add Client

3. Search for the Client that you want to add to the list

4. Select the client, it will now auto-populate their name, as well as their number so that reminders can be sent to them.

Adding your client's preferred details

1. As you have now added the client to the waitlist there are other fields to fill out.

2. Navigate to the Preferred Time that the client has requested select these from dropdowns

3. Repeat step two for Location and Practitioner

4. Add in any additional information regarding the client in the Notes section

Making an Appointment from your Waitlist

1. From the calendar, click on More, then Waiting List

2. Select the client you want to make the appointment for

3. Click on Make Appointment

4. It will pop up with the Client Preferred Time click Ok, it will now navigate you to the new appointment screen this will need to be filled in with the desired appointment details.

5. Your appointment is now created from Waiting List

πŸ’‘ Remember to delete the Client from the Waiting List as they will still continue to show up on that list even after they have had an appointment

πŸ’‘ You can also book a Client from the Calendar directly if you go via Calendar > click into the desired time > Make An Appointment will pop up on the far right, you will sight Waiting List if you select that it will now redirect you to the Waiting List

Editing and Deleting Clients from the Waiting List

1. From the calendar, click on More, then Waiting List

2. Select the Client you want to Edit or Delete

3. Click on Edit or Delete

4. If editing it will navigate you to the selected Client(s) waitlist details, here you can update, add notes, change times, etc. Once done you will need to click on Update to save the edited details

5. If deleting the Client once selecting Delete it will come up with a pop-up "are you sure you want to delete" select OK and it will now remove the client from the Waiting List.

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