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Appointments Overview

A summary of everything you need to know about appointments

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Creating appointments for clients is one of core functions in coreplus. There are multiple different ways to create appointments in coreplus, so you can choose one (or more) that suits you.

This article includes:

Create an appointment

There are four ways to create appointments in coreplus, two from the calendar and two from the client's file.

πŸ’‘You can also save time and create multiple appointments at once with Recurring appointments or copy an existing appointment

Reschedule appointments

It's important to use the reschedule function to change appointment times so that your reminders are rescheduled too. These are three ways to reschedule appointments in coreplus

Cancel or delete appointments

If you need to remove an appointment from your calendar, you have three options

If you ever remove an appointment by accident, you can always undo it by clicking the 🚫 or ❌ icon in the Changed appointments section.

πŸ’‘ You can also set up cancellation rules, that automatically notify you via email and/or create an invoice for a cancellation fee

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