We're back for the second edition of our weekly newsletter - bringing you a wrap up of product development, improvements, new features, updates and more; everything that happened - 'Last Week'.

Let's get into it.

🚀 Get notified via SMS when a new appointment is booked
This brand new feature can be enabled in calendar default settings to be notified via SMS, every time a new appointment is booked for you inside coreplus.

🚀 Send an email directly from a client file
This brand new feature now allows to send an email to a client without having to leave their file. Hello efficiency!

🐛 Users with an apostrophe in their name will now be displayed the 'launch' button for Telehealth appointments in the calendar
A bug has been fixed which impacted practitioners with an apostrophe in their name being able to launch Telehealth appointments from their calendar.

🐛 Debtor report 'location' filter now working as expected
For those of you running multiple practices, you can now use the 'location' filter in the financial debtor report and run it per practice location.

🐛 Appointments with no 'appointment type' now ensures a record of the original appointment
A bug fix. This ensures that an entry is registered in your changed appointment log in the calendar as well as the client file event log for appointments with no appointment type.

😀 'Preferred Name' for future data imports
Future practices joining coreplus (or those already using coreplus and are venturing out on their own!) will be able to add a client's preferred name as part of their data import.

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