​Manage your practice's financials through the various financial reports coreplus has on offer

This article includes:

1. Daily Banking

2. Cash Report

3. Invoice Report

4. Debtors Report

5. Service Breakdown Report

6. Profit & Loss

7. Expense Report

8. Wages

9. Client Breakdown Report

Financial reports can be found via Dashboard > Reports > Financial

💡 If you can't see this section on the dashboard menu, your supervisor may need to adjust your feature permissions

Daily banking report

The daily banking displays a breakdown of the money received on a particular day. You're able to filter out particular client groups, sites, practitioners, service types and whether the invoice is currently locked or not. This report is perfect if you're wanting to see which payment method is most popular on any given day. 

Cash report

Similar to the daily banking report, the cash report will display all paid invoice for the selected dates. With this report you can:

  • See all paid invoice for a given date range

  • See totals for payment types, credits and refunds

  • Filter by Client Groups, Sites, Practitioners, Service Types, Contact Types and Locked status

Invoice report

Displays all invoices either by the date generated, or date consulted for the selected date range. With this report you can:

  • Review all paid and unpaid invoices

  • Filter by Client Groups, Sites, Practitioners, Service Types, Contact Types and Locked status

  • Select Yes in Breakdown By Service Type to review service types on each invoice

  • Select Yes in MYOB Export to export a MYOB compatible file, to import into MYOB AccountRight.  


Debtors report

The debtors report details which clients owe your practice money, how overdue they are and how much they owe. From this report, you can write off the debt, or send an overdue payment SMS. 


Service breakdown report

Find the number of times a particular service type has been billed in a month, or determine which service is generating the most revenue.


Profit & Loss report 

The profit and loss report shows your income and expenses for the financial year, and calculates a net profit or loss.


Expense report

Once you've added your expenses into coreplus, the expense report shows you a breakdown of all expenses per category.


Wages report

This report helps you record wages paid to your employers during the defined time period.


Client breakdown report

See a list of invoices and service types for each client, with invoice totals and amounts owing.

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