Sometimes when creating an invoice you accidentally assign a payment to the wrong invoice. This is where you can easily reassign the payment. Reassigning payment in Tyro is easy. Prior to transferring a Tyro EFTPOS payment to another invoice, you will need to already have the invoice created .

In this article we will discuss:

1. Navigating to the Assign Section

2. Transferring the payment

🛑 The reassign function is not available on Medicare invoices. If payment was made in error on a Medicare invoice please reverse the transaction

Navigating to the Assign Section

There are two ways you can create an invoice either via the calendar or on the client's file.

1. Navigate to the Invoice

2. Under Billing Information, click on the Payment \ Auto Assign

Transferring the payment

1. Alongside the EFTPOS payment click Re-assign

2. Enter in the client's name then select the invoice you want the payment assigned to

3. Click Transfer, on the browser pop-up, click OK

💡 You can assign payments between different clients

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