Can I verify if my client is eligible for Medicare or DVA benefits? 

Yes you can! This can be achieved by utilising the Online Patient Verification or Online Veteran Verification tool, click here to be taken to our help centre article.

I practice from multiple locations, does that mean I need one Public Key Infrastructure certificate per location? 

The answer is no, you will only require one Public Key Infrastructure certificate even if you are practising from more than one location.

How can I cancel a bulk bill claim?

You might be wondering why there's no 'Same day delete' function for bulk bill claims just like there is for patient claims, reason being it's not something Medicare supports. The process for cancelling a bulk bill claim is to contact the eBusiness line on 1800 700 199. In most cases, you will need to provide them with the following information:

  • Your Minor ID

  • Servicing provider number for the claim

  • Practice address

  • Claim ID

  • Date of service

Is coreplus integrated with HICAPS, ECLIPSE and/or PRODA? 

We aren't integrated with the above three as we are connected with Medicare Online to allow you to transmit bulk bill, patient and DVA claims. As for private health fund claiming and EFTPOS payments, we are integrated with Tyro to enable you to streamline these types of transactions.

If you already use HICAPS, ECLIPSE or PRODA that is perfectly fine. 

In this scenario, if you are going to be generating invoices it is recommended for you to assign payments against them for the health fund claims, Medicare/DVA claims and EFTPOS payments that you process through the above facilities. You can apply payments types such as the following:

  • Health fund rebate

  • Bulk billed

  • DVA

Do I need to delete an invoice in order to make changes and resubmit it to Medicare/DVA?

The answer is no! You can still edit the pre existing invoice and resubmit it to Medicare! The workflow on how to do so is outlined below!

  1. Unlock the invoice

  2. Edit the invoice

  3. Resubmit the invoice

Why aren't my claims being paid by Medicare?

If you have noticed some of your bulk bill or DVA claims that you are transmitting to Medicare aren't being paid, there's a chance the listed payee provider number on the invoice hasn't been linked with your Minor ID and/or banking details. To confirm this, you can contact the Medicare eBusiness hotline on 1800 700 199.

💡 Once the Minor ID and banking details are linked to the listed payee provider number, all outstanding claims must be re-submitted.

My claim has been rejected by Medicare, why?

Claims can occasionally get rejected by Medicare. When this happens, Medicare will respond with an error code that can help in diagnosing what needs to be corrected in order to submit the claim successfully. To find out what the error codes mean, you can download the 3 digit and 4 digit error codes spreadsheets. 

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