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Setting up Medicare & PRODA

Set up your PRODA account for Medicare online claiming

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To claim via Services Australia, you must use an authentication system called Provider Digital Access (PRODA).

πŸ›‘ If you are new to coreplus and this is your first time using Medicare claiming through us, you will need to register your Minor ID with Services Australia before proceeding with the PRODA setup process below.
Please ensure you fill out and submit the HW027 form above, without the above step, the below will not work.

πŸ’‘ Medicare is only available on the plus plan

This article includes the following steps, and you must complete all steps for the integration to work:

STEP 1: Register for a PRODA account

To register for a PRODA account go to this link Create account and complete steps 1 and 2 in the registration process.

πŸ’‘ If you are already registered for PRODA, skip ahead to Step 2

STEP 2: Register your practice or business as an organisation within your individual PRODA account

To register your organisation in PRODA, follow this Services Australia detailed guide: How to register an organisation in PRODA - PRODA (Provider Digital Access) - Services Australia

πŸ’‘ All practices or businesses - including sole traders - need to register an organisation

πŸ’‘ You need to be an Associate or Authorised Contact (e.g. Director) listed on the Australian Business Register (ABR) to register the organisation in PRODA

STEP 3: Linking the Service Provider for existing customers or new customers

1. Once you're signed into PRODA, go to Organisations as per the below screenshot (Don't click on the Medicare tile!)

​2. Select your organisation

3. Select Service Provider > Add Service Provider, then select Medicare Online/ECLIPSE/DVA/AIR

​4. Scroll down and click Add Service Provider to proceed. Agree to T&C’s.

5. Click Next and then finish.

πŸ’‘Select NO to "Has your organisation been issued with a PKI site certificate by us?" and proceed to go to coreplus > Setup > Add Ons > Medicare > Copy your Minor/location ID and copy it into the requested field on PRODA. Then navigate to Step 4

STEP 4: Register your new B2B Device

1. Head to Organisation and select your organisation on your PRODA account

2. Navigate to B2B devices and click on Register New B2B Device

3. We recommend entering the device name as coreplusmedicare; the description is optional. Write down the device name as you will need this later on.

4. Once you proceed, please copy and paste the activation code provided by PRODA.

IMPORTANT! Make sure to write down the Activation Code, Device Name & PRODA RA (organisation) before you click out of this screen, as you will no longer be able to retrieve it!

5. To exit the page within PRODA, click β€œView Device Details”.

6. From here, log into coreplus, go to Setup > Add Ons and click on the Medicare tile

7. Enter the following information:

  • Device ActivationCode

  • Device Name

  • Organisation Id

8. Once entered in, please remember to click Activate

9. Using a valid client, complete an Online Patient Verification (OPV) or Online Veteran Verification (OVV) to activate the device on PRODA

10. You are all done and ready to process claims via PRODA

VIDEO: How to complete Steps 2, 3 & 4

​As this is a mock account, step 3, 'Organisation Linking - Create Relationships (1:52 in the video)' will only show the page asking for your Minor ID. In your case, it will also ask for your PKI RA number.

​If you do not have this, contact support, and we can get this for you.

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