Mapping appointment types allows you to control types of appointments you make available through the portal. Perhaps you would only like existing clients to book online or new client bookings, or you would like to limit to a particular set of services that your practice offers. Whichever appointment types you choose to enable on the client portal will be what clients are limited to booking. 

📝 Ensure you have created Appointment Types that are defined with clear names and appropriate lengths - remember, you want to make it a simple booking experience for your clients

  1. From the Dashboard, Click on Setup, Settings and then Map Specialities to Appointment Types in Practice Profile

3. Click on a relevant Specialty. You will notice the Available Appointment Types column populate with appointment types you created earlier.

💡 You need to map your appointment types to the same speciality you selected in your practitioner profiles

4. Click on the appointment types you want to be available in the client portal from the Available appointment types and click the arrow buttons to move this to to the chosen specialty. Click Save

💡 You can choose to apply appointment types for as many specialties as apply to your practice. Mapping is achieved one specialty type at a time.

📝 Next up Create/publish schedules to continue set up

📝 Go back to Getting started with Client Portal to to see set up overview

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