Xero is a cloud-based accounting software that allows you to perform all your business accounting needs. The Xero integration with coreplus allows invoices and payments recorded in your coreplus account to be synchronised to a corresponding Xero account. This enables you to take advantage of the powerful accounting tools Xero has to offer as well as reconcile coreplus revenue with actual bank transactions recorded with Xero.

💡 The coreplus integration with Xero allows for a one way sync only: coreplus to Xero. Any changes made in your Xero account WILL NOT sync back to coreplus. 

📝 A Xero account is required for this integration to work. Start a free trial with Xero today

Enable your Xero Add On

1. From your Dashboard, select Setup and then Add Ons

2. Select the Xero tile

3. Enter your Xero sync settings

Revenue Account for Allocation of Invoices: This should be the code for a Revenue type account, found in the Chart of accounts in Xero. The code must match exactly.

Bank Account For Allocation of Invoice Payments: The should be the code for a Bank type account, found in the Chart of accounts in Xero. The codes much match exactly.

Default Invoice Status: This is the default invoice status that will be set in Xero.

Tax types for invoices with $0 GST: This is the tax type that will be set for invoices set with $0 GST. 

  • Invoices synced with 'GST Free Income' will be included in your BAS reports

  • Invoices synced with 'BAS Excluded' will not be included in your BAS reports

Sync client details with Xero: This will allow client names, email addresses, client registration numbers and residential addresses to sync over to your Xero account 

Once you have entered the relevant details into these fields, click Save Settings

4. Select Authorise and enter your Xero user credentials to authorise your account. The below screen should appear, enter your Xero credentials to log into your Xero account.

5. Once logged in, an Authorise Application pop will appear. By selecting the Allow Access button you are allowing coreplus and Xero to integrate and the daily sync to occur for data to be transferred from your coreplus to your Xero account. 

6. Your account sync is complete!

 You can see all these steps in a GIF below:

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