coreplus' Medicare Online integration allows you to transmit claims on behalf of the client at the time of service. It enables real time assessment and eliminates the need for your clients to acquire additional information from you to receive their rebate.

๐Ÿ“ Before you can transmit patient claims through coreplus, you will need to have completed the relevant setup for Medicare Online Claimingย 

๐Ÿ’ก If the majority of your Medicare claims will be Patient Claims, we recommend that you set your Send request now claiming default to No.

Once you have followed the relevant setup for Medicare Online Claiming, you will need to have completed the below processes to ensure you're ready to transmit the patient claim.

๐Ÿ“ Add the referral for the client
๐Ÿ“ Create an invoice
๐Ÿ“ Apply a full payment to the invoice
๐Ÿ“ Add your service types/item numbers

Submit a patient claim with a manual or Tyro payment

  1. Set the type of Medicare Claim to Patient Claim and ensure the Service Category is set to Specialist

๐Ÿ’ก If your patient required a referral for this consultation please set the Service Category to Specialist, otherwise you can leave it as General

2. Set the required Consultation Information such as the Date of Consultation, Location, Referral Information, Time Consulted and Provider Number

3. Allocate the Service Type to the invoice and tick the Transmit box

4. Apply a full payment against the invoice by clicking the $ sign

๐Ÿ’ก IMPORTANT: Submitting a patient claim to Medicare without having a full payment applied can result in Medicare posting a cheque to the patient in the practitioner name. Be sure to apply payment before submitting a claim. If you accidently submit a claim before applying payment use the Same day delete function (only works on same day as claim was submitted) or contact Medicare to cancel the claim.

5. Confirm the referral information has been allocated to the invoice

6. If not already specified, set the required claim information such as the Payee Provider Number and Certificate Storeย 

7. Set Send request now to Yes and then click Save Invoice

8. After submitting the claim, you should then see the assignment adviceย 

Submit a patient claim with a Pin Payments

1. Leave the Medicare claim as No, and fill out the Consultation Info & Service Type, then click Save.

2. Hover over actions for the invoice and select either Manual/Instant Online Payment and process the payment, or click Email to send the payment link.

3. Re-access the invoice, set the Medicare claim as Patient Claim, tick the Transmit box next to the service type, set the Send request now to Yes, then click Update invoice.

4. After submitting the claim, you should then see the assignment advice

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