Store all of your client's referrals in one place, allowing you to easily link them directly to your client's appointments and invoices.

You can make notes about the referral, set a referral status (In progress, Completed and Rejected) and even upload supporting documents to the referral by dragging and dropping!

1. From your client's file, click Details/Referrers, select Manage Referrals under Medical Demographics and in the resulting pop-up window, click the Add referral button 

2. To add a referrer, check steps 3 - 4. If you have already saved the referrer, then type the referrer name into the search bar and select from the drop-down menu. Populate the referral with start/end date, add any other optional information and then click the Save button

💡 When entering in the expiring date, you can either select an exact date or you can select to chose either 3, 6, 12, 24 or indefinite from the side menu

3. If the referrer or clinic is not yet added to coreplus, then click Add referrer/clinic. Enter in the details and click Next to enter clinic details (if you don't need to add a clinic, tick the 'Skip link clinic' checkbox first)

4. Either search for an existing clinic, or create one by entering their details and click the Next button. Add the referrers provider number, add any other details and then click the Save button

💡 You can filter referrals for that client by selecting In Progress, Expired, Completed & Rejected

📝Learn how to generate referral reports here

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