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Set an appointment limit

Set a limit to the number of appointments that a client has

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Setting an appointment limit to a client allows you to easily manage Medicare care plans or your own custom treatment packages without having to rely on your memory or notes to track how many sessions the client has remaining.
πŸ“ You will need to add a Referrer to your clients file to set an appointment limit.Β 

Please, follow the below steps to learn how to set an appointment limit:

1. Select Appointments from the relevant Client File

2. In Appointment Limits, next to each Referrer in the App. Limit column, enter the number of appointments you would like to limit and click Save

πŸ’‘ A referral must be added to each relevant appointment the client has to contribute to the appointment limit. Total Apps will show the number of appointments that have had the referral attached.

πŸ’‘When booking an appointment that is part of the limit, you will see a message underneath the Notes section indicating how many times the client has been seen out of the limit allocated.

πŸ’‘Once a client has reached their allocated appointment limit, the next appointment you go to book will show the message underneath the Notes highlighted in red, indicating that the client has reached their appointment limit.

πŸ“ You may like to check out how to create an appointment alert to set a reminder or a note for when you next book in an appointment for your client

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