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Reporting - Event/SMS

Track your employees or view a log of sent client SMS/email reminders

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Track your employees or view a log of sent client SMS/email reminders and other events taken place in coreplus.

Access calendar reports through Dashboard > Reports > Calendar.
From here, you can choose the sub-category of reports you wish to produce.

Client event report

Each user's actions performed in coreplus are logged for security reasons. The client events report allows you to report on what changes have been made for each client.

User session tracking report

View what each user has done from the moment they logged onto coreplus to the moment they logged off for a particular day.

Hours logged on report

Shows how many hours you and your staff have been logged onto coreplus.


Auto SMS sending report

Lists SMS reminders and client replies for the automated SMS appointment reminders.

Manual SMS sending report

Allows you to view text messages that have been sent manually from within coreplus.

Auto email sending report

Displays emails that were sent from coreplus, which were triggered by automatic email reminders.

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