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Submit a Bulk Bill claim

Learn how to submit a bulk bill claim within coreplus

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A bulk bill claim is when the client doesn't pay anything for the consultation and the practitioner has to claim the payment from Medicare.

coreplus' PRODA integration allows you to transmit bulk bill claims so you can receive payments for your consultations. At the time of submission, Medicare will receive your claim instantaneously. This initiates their process so you can get paid!

πŸ“ Before you can transmit bulk bill claims through coreplus, you will need to have completed the relevant Setup for Medicare & PRODA

Once you have followed the relevant setup for Medicare Online Claiming, you will need to have completed the below processes to ensure you're ready to transmit the bulk bill claim.

πŸ’‘ This feature is only available on the plus plan

πŸ›‘ Once the invoice has been saved as a Bulk Bill claim, it can't be edited and reverted back to a private claim

Please, follow the below steps to submit a bulk bill claim:

1. Set the type of Medicare Claim to Bulk Bill Claim

2. Read the Bulk Bill Declaration and then click Accept

3. Ensure the Service Category is set to Specialist if a referral was required for the consultation, otherwise leave it as General

4. Set the required Consultation Information such as the Date of Consultation, Location, Referral Information, Time Consulted and Provider Number

5. Allocate the Service Type to the invoice and tick the Transmit box

6. Confirm the referral information has been allocated to the invoice

​7. If not already specified, set the required Claim Information such as the Provider Number and set Send request now to Yes and then click Save Invoice

8. After submitting the claim, you should then see the bulk bill assignment advice Client File > Invoicing > Actions > BB.

πŸ›‘ NOTE: Do not apply a manual bulk bill payment against the invoice while generating the invoice as this will cause issues with the Medicare reconciliation

πŸ’‘ If your patient required a referral for this consultation please set the Service Category to Specialist, otherwise you can leave it as General

πŸ’‘ IMPORTANT: Due to the transition to PRODA, it's recommended to have the Request Type set to Specialist and Referral Override code set to N/A and Referral Period to 12 months under Referral/Request Information

πŸ’‘ You can also set the Invoice Recipient to Medicare if you wish. Doing this will enable you to use this as a recipient filter for a series of financial reports

πŸš€ You can sync all your invoices for accounting purposes in one place via our Xero add-on. Please, find more about it here: Xero

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