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Create a half-day schedule

This article shows the whole process of creating a half day schedule

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It is very common for practitioners to work only half a day on certain days of the week. coreplus allows you to create and modify half-day schedules to reflect the working hours of a practitioner on the calendar. In this article, we'll take a look at how to create a half-day schedule.

Please, follow the steps below to create a half-day schedule:

1. From the Dashboard, go to Calendar

2. Click Create Schedule and select the practitioner from the Practitioner drop-down

3. Determine the Schedule Frequency: every week, every 2nd week, every 3rd week, or once a month

4. Select the Date Range for the schedule frequency - schedules can only be set for a maximum future length of 12 months
​5. If applicable, select an Add-on that you are publishing your schedule to
​6. Select your Days Active, that is the days that this schedule applies to

7. In Session 1, set the Start time to when you start your day and set the End time to when you finish your day. You can also select a Location and allocate blocks to the schedule

8. Set the Start and End time for Break to the same time as your End time for Session 1

9. Similar to the Break, set the Start and End time for Session 2 to the same time as your End time for Session 1

10. Click Save Schedule to save the schedule

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