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Setting up Quotes

See how to create quotes to send to your clients in coreplus

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Quotes are a great tool for financial communication between service providers and clients. A lot of the time our customers are legally required to provide their clients with a quote before their appointment. In this article, we'll discuss the whole process of creating a template for your quote and then using it to create the quote.

This article includes:

Setting up a quote template

1. From the Dashboard, go to Setup then Settings

2. Under Templates, click on Invoices and then click on Add Template

3. Click Edit Fileds to select what information you want to be displayed on the quote, and add the terms and conditions or any other comments you wish.

4. Enter the name of the template and click Save Template once done.

Creating a quote

1. From the Dashboard, search for the client and go to their file

2. Go to Invoicing and click Create Invoice

3. Under Billing Information, enter the service types and leave them as unpaid

4. Next to Print Template, select the quote template you just created

5. Make other required changes and click Save Invoice

Sending the quote to the client

1. Go to the Invoicing section of the client file

2. Click Actions then Email to client, or you can also select Print and provide the client with a hard copy of the quote

πŸ’‘ If the client decides to not go forward with the appointment, then you can delete the invoice via Client file > Invoicing > Actions > Delete (deleted invoices cannot be recovered).

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