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Reactivating your PRODA B2B device
Reactivating your PRODA B2B device

Renew your expired B2B device for medicare claiming

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While claiming with Medicare, you might get the following error: Coreplus_exception Getauthenticationsetting - No active Device found

This error appears when your B2B device has expired. The B2B device you registered in your PRODA account expires after 6 months and has to be renewed. But don't worry, the process of renewing is not complicated at all. In fact, it's a very simple and short process!

This article will guide you through the process of renewing your B2B device.

This article includes:

πŸ’‘ You'll receive an email from PRODA to extend your device, but the email may take up to 10 days to reach you after the device expiry

πŸ›‘IMPORTANT: When logged into PRODA, selecting 'reactive' or 'proceed' will not update the device. You will need to remove the expired device and create a new device. Once a new device is created you will have to enter the new details within your coreplus add-on. Please note, missing a step will result in the setup failing.

Removing the old B2B device

Before registering the new device, it's recommended to remove the old device from your PRODA account to avoid confusion.

1. Log into your PRODA account and then head to Organisation and select your organisation

2. Once you're in your organisation, navigate to B2B devices

3. Click on the existing B2B device and then remove the device

Registering a new B2B device

1. Log into your PRODA account and then head to Organisation and select your organisation

2. Navigate to B2B devices and click on Register New B2B Device

3. You will need to state the name as coreplusmedicare, just ensure all other devices in this section are inactive or deactivated. It will now bring up the new Activation Code, Device Name and PRODA RA. Keep this window open ( DO NOT PRESS "VIEW DEVICE DETAILS", as this will close this window).

πŸ’‘ If you haven't removed the old device, then stating the name as coreplus_medicare won't work as PRODA doesn't accept two devices with the same name. You'll have to change the name to coreplus_medicare 2. We highly recommend removing the old device before creating a new one.

4. Once you proceed, please copy/ or take a screenshot of all the below details.

IMPORTANT! Make sure to keep this tab open and/or write down the Activation Code, Device Name & PRODA RA (organisation) before you click out of this screen, as you will no longer be able to retrieve it!

6. From here, log into coreplus, go to Setup > Add Ons and click on the Medicare tile

7. Click on Reactivate or Replace device > Proceed

8. Enter the following information below, please note that the Device Name and Organisation ID will be greyed out. In order to update the new details, select the mini pencil. It will now bold the Device Name or Organisation ID, so you can remove the old ones and enter the new details, it doesn't matter if the details are the same, you will need to update these sections and make them ungreyed.

  • Device ActivationCode

  • Device Name

  • Organisation Id

πŸ’‘ Please, make sure to click on the mini pencil icon on the far right before entering the Device Name and Organisation Id

9. Once entered in, please remember to click Submit. You should now receive a pop up that says DEVICE ACTIVATED. If it says FAILED you will need to repeat the steps or check that the code or details entered are correct and have no spaces.

10. You can now check that is working optimally. Using a valid client, complete an Online Patient Verification (OPV) or Online Veteran Verification (OVV) to activate the device on PRODA

10. You are all done and ready to process claims again via PRODA!

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