The OPV tool allows you to verify whether a client is eligible for Medicare benefits without you having to contact Medicare.

๐Ÿ“You need to have your Medicare add on set up to use the OPV tool
๐Ÿ“Ensure that your Medicare Default settings for patient verification are enabled

1. Go to a client's you wish to conduct the OPV ย or OVV check on. In the Overview section, click on the Medicare OPV or Medicare OVV button depending on which verification you would like make. This article continues with the OPV check.

The client's details should auto-populate in the relevant fields. Select a store from the last drop down menu and click Verify

Other common responses for the OPV check

1. The patient data supplied failed validation checks against Medicare data - this usually means that the demographic details for the client in coreplus do not match the demographic details for the client in Medicare. It is best to confirm these details with the client.ย 

2. The signing Location is unknown - indicates one of two things; 1) Medicare is experiencing temporary connection issues, 2) Your site certificate has expired and needs to be renewed (Medicare sends a letter with a form to complete prior to expiry)

3. The individual has been matched using the submitted data however differences were identified - indicates that this patient is eligible for Medicare benefits. The identified differences are usually an updated Medicare card number which the OPV reveals to you. You can use this to update the client's file with the new Medicare card number

Now that you have verified that your client is eligible for Medicare benefits, you may like to:
๐Ÿ“ Schedule an appointment
๐Ÿ“ Add a referral to your client's file
๐Ÿ“ Process a patient or bulk bill claim

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