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This article covers sending an attachment via live chat, closing and reopening a chat, and downloading a conversation

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Contacting our always-ready support and success team is essential when using such a broad platform as coreplus. Our live chat offers features that can make troubleshooting way easier for both you and us, and we'd hate for you to miss out on these features. That is why we have created this article which will help you utilise the features of the live chat to the fullest.

This article includes:

Find all of your conversations and download a conversation

1. From the Dashboard, click on the ? sign on the bottom left and select Live Chat

2. Then click on Messages to view all of your old conversations

3. Click on a certain conversation to open it, then click on the operator's name

4. Click on the download icon next to the operator's name to download the conversation

Send an attachment

1. From the Dashboard, click on the ? sign on the bottom left and select Live Chat

2. Click on Send us a message and then click on the paperclip icon at the bottom right of the chat

3. Select the file from your device and click Open

Close and reopen chats

1. On the top right of the chat box, click on the X icon to close the chat

2. To reopen the chat, click on the ? sign on the bottom left of the Dashboard and select Live Chat

πŸ›‘ Chats older than 5 days can no longer be reopened, and you will have to start a new chat should you need to contact the Support Team.

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