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Streamlining your invoice setup
Streamlining your invoice setup

Handy Invoicing Tips

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Our practice management software is a fast and effective tool for managing client accounting and reporting through a single workflow across all operations.

Invoicing is made easy by using simple features and Add-ons that can expedite the reconciliation process.

In this article we will discuss:


Have you ever needed to easily see your account statements? Or perhaps integrate your coreplus invoices and payments into one accounting tool?

This cloud-based accounting software allows you to simplify all your accounting needs Xero is a great accounting Add-on that is easily integrated into coreplus.

To take advantage of this great Add-on follow our step-by-step Xero guide.


Managing Medicare claims can be a time-consuming process. Wondering when rebates are available for your clients and printing out multiple receipts can be an onerous procedure.

Our software makes this easy by utilizing this great Add-on.

Medicare & Proda Set Up is available for free when using our plus subscription.

Quantity Invoicing

Itemising invoices that have multiple procedures can be complicated. You may need to bill a client for a different amount for one particular item number.

This is where this tool is most effective, with Quantity Invoicing enabled, you can effortlessly stipulate the amount needed in the invoice.

πŸ’‘ Did you know coreplus offers to create private or public add ons? See more information here: Developing your own integration

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