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Stockable Items

Create a stockable item

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In coreplus, you can stock a service by adding it as a Stockable Item. This allows you to keep track of the item and apply it accordingly to invoices.

πŸ›‘ Service types may not save if their description contains special characters such as ' , / - & $ () {} | etc. Try removing these special characters and saving the service type again

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Making an item stockable

1. From the Dashboard, click on Setup then Settings
​2. Click Service Types
​3. Click Create Service

4. Enter the initial details

5. Tick on This service is stockable and enter all other additional details

6. Save

Breakdown of all fields

Levels: Enter the current levels you have, the minimum and maximum stock you would like to have on hand.

Email Alert: When you have reached your minimum or maximum stock levels, an email will be sent to this address.

Supplier: You can add a supplier for your item via Edit > Add Supplier

Model: In order to add the model of your item, you'll need to add the supplier first. Then you can add a new model via Edit > Add Model

Class: You can add a class for your item to categorise it via Edit > Add Class

Style: Similar to all the above, you can add style via Edit > Add Style

Cost Price: The cost price you paid for your stockable item

Cost GST: The cost GST you paid for your stockable item

RRP: This is the suggested price for your item by its manufacturer

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