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FAQs about Client File and Information
FAQs about Client File and Information

Frequently asked Questions about Client File and Information

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Our FAQs are based on the most commonly asked questions by our coreplus community. This section focuses on questions asked about invoicing, payments and purchases. Each collection has its own FAQ article, simply navigate to the collection to find each article for our most frequently asked questions!

This article covers:

I can't find a clients' file?

Often a client's file can get moved or deleted unknowingly. Go to Clients and check the Deleted, Closed, and Deceased tabs. If deleted you can simply click on the file and confirm you want to re-open it.

Can I have a reminder pop up on the client file if there is an old invoice needing payment or do I need to get an updated Medicare card when they're next in?

Yes, From Client File > Reminders > Create Reminder > Select where you want this to appear; On the dashboard or when the client's file is next opened, Who can see it and what date do you want it to appear as well as what the reminder says.
You can find a help guide here.

How do I restrict client access from a certain practitioner or admin?

There are 3 ways of doing this:

1. In Setup > Settings > Client Sharing, you can manage the access of other practitioners to your client list.
2. You can adjust access per client by going into Client File > Client Access.
3. You can restrict certain practitioner or admin's access to client files by default via Setup > Settings > Feature Permissions > Manage > under Client File Access, select No next to New Client, Closed Clients, Delete Clients, Client Files > Save Permissions.

I can't edit the Client Details when I'm in the client file?

Make sure you are in Client File > Details/Referrers when wanting to edit client details.

How do I Edit/Remove/Delete case notes?

Due to Medico legal standards, you are unable to remove or delete case notes.

💡You can create a note above expressing that it was created in error.

💡Saving the Case Notes as Draft Notes first will allow you to review them before finalising so that you can avoid making any errors. See more about Draft Notes here: Saving draft notes

An Invoice/Admin Note is missing from a Client File. How do I work out what happened?

Go to Client File > Events. This is a log of all changes made to the Client File.

One of our practitioners can't see her client's file?

If the Case manager field is blank in the client's file, only admins and supervisors will be able to see the client. Case managers will not be able to view clients even if all case managers are sharing clients. Select the case manager via Client File > Details/Referrer.

Where can I upload PDFs and other documents to?

Dashboard > Client File > Files is where we would recommend uploading client-specific files.

You can also upload documents in the Files section via Dashboard > Files > Personal Files/Shared Files.

Only you can view the files uploaded into Personal Files, and files uploaded into Shared Files can be viewed by other users on the account.

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