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Telehealth Data Usage

The average data usage of Telehealth compare to other services

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Telehealth is a browser application, compare to many other communication services. However, the usage remains very similar if not the same.

For Telehealth, for a standard quality which is 640x480 flowing at a bitrate of 400 bps an average of 450MB ~ 600 MB is required for an hour.

For a 720p which is 1280x720 video flowing at a bitrate of 650 bps, an average of 1.2G to 1.4G is required for an hour.

To compare this with other communication applications, for example for one-on-one video calls can use about up to 540MB per hour for standard high-quality. The consumption increases to 1.08GB per hour for 720p quality and about 1.62GB per hour for 1080p streaming. The data usage will increase significantly when you’re on group video calls.

Data usage can always vary based on the internet connectivity, fps, screen share, audio, and the resolution that is maintained throughout the video call.

Overall we recommend a stable internet connection for all online communication and to ensure that your client is allowing Telehealth within their browser settings to use the microphone and camera. You can see more about the Telehealth Browser Troubleshooting or general Telehealth Troubleshooting within our help centre.

It is possible to include basic information about the Telehealth setup in your E-Mail or SMS reminder. This will avoid or raise any issues prior to jumping on your call.

πŸ’‘ It is recommended for the client to jump prior to your telehealth session on the link and to check if everything is working on their end. An up-to-date browser is required for the Telehealth session. You can find the most common Browser Updates here.

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