For most users, when entering a Telehealth by coreplus session, you see a pop-up asking you to access your camera and microphone, all you need to do it click Yes.

Sometimes though, depending on your settings, the prompt might not appear. This article outlines how to ensure you have allowed access to camera and microphone for telehealth by coreplus appointments.

Supported browsers and Operating systems

There are some minimum browser requirements for Telehealth by coreplus appointments. Please check you are using the right browser for your operating system and the browser meets the below requirements. If your browser does not meet these requirements, please upgrade or install a new browser to improve your experience.

Windows (Laptop or desktop)

  • Up to date version of Google Chrome

  • Up to date version of Microsoft Edge

Android OS (Smart phone)

  • Up to date version of Google Chrome

Mac iOS or OSX (Smart phone, laptop or desktop)

  • Safari 11 or higher. Safari 12 or higher is recommended.

Below we have listed the supported browsers, and how to allow Telehealth by coreplus to access your camera and microphone.

1. Google Chrome

2. Safari

3. Microsoft Edge

Google Chrome - Supported on Windows computers and Android phones only

To allow Google Chrome to access your camera and microphone please follow each step listed below.

1. Open Chrome.

2. At the top right, click the three vertical dots then Settings.

3. Select Privacy and Security, then click Site Settings.

4. Click Camera and/or Microphone

5. Turn Ask Before Accessing ON

6. Ensure is NOT listed under Block. If is listed under allow, you have already given the site access to your Camera/Microphone.

Safari - Supported on iPhones and Mac computers only

To allow Safari to access your camera and microphone please follow each step listed below.

1. Open Safari

2. Click on the Safari menu on the left of the top menu bar.

3. Click on Preferences.

4. Select the Websites tab, then Camera and/or Microphone on the side bar.

5. If appears on the website list, select Allow, or

6. At the bottom of the window change When visiting other websites to Ask

Microsoft Edge - Supported in Windows computers only

To allow Microsoft Edge to access your camera and microphone please follow each step listed below.

1. Open Microsoft Edge.

2. Open a Telehealth by coreplus appointment via link or launch button.

3. Click the Lock icon on the left of the address bar.

4. Use the drop-down menus to allow camera and microphones for this website.

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