You may have staff member who won't see each other very often and setting tasks can be hard to keep track off. Our 'Organisation Tasks' helps setting tasks for the team and you can update the status and due date as required or marked completed once done.

To set a task and update it, please follow the below steps:

  1. Use the main menu and select 'Communication'

  2. Use the drop down menu to access 'Organisation Tasks'

  3. Click 'Create Tasks' to proceed

You have the option to adjust the status and due date and mark it completed as well as the date the task was completed.

💡 This is a great tool for teams which may not cross over due to different shifts, however this is also a great tool for setting tasks for yourself. It is possible to mark tasks as private and only the person who has created the tasks can see it.

📝 If you wish to set a reminder for a client, which will also show up on your dashboard, I recommend checking our the Client File Reminder feature here!

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