Once you have Telehealth by coreplus Add On enabled, you're ready to start creating telehealth appointments for your clients!

Any appointment either created from the calendar or from the client portal with the appointment types enabled within the telehealth by coreplus add on will create a telehealth appointment

Creating a Telehealth appointment

  1. Open your calendar and double click to add a new appointment or select New Appointment

  2. Select the appointment type enabled for Telehealth and complete the rest of the appointment details and click save

πŸ“Once a Telehealth appointment has been created, this will send an email or SMS to your client with instructions on how to login.

πŸ“If it is same day appointment or an email was not sent to the client, you can locate the telehealth link from within the appointment and email this through to the client

Launching a Telehealth by coreplus appointment

Once you have a Telehealth appointment in your calendar and it's almost time to begin the consult, you can launch by following the below steps.

1. Open calendar and double click on a Telehealth appointment and then click on Launch video conference button or click on the video camera icon on the appointment

2. This will open a new tab in your browser and take you directly into the meeting. From this page you can enable your microphone and camera to commence the consult once your client has joined

πŸ“ For information about features and settings within telehealth by coreplus see Features of Telehealth by coreplus

πŸ“ If you're having any trouble using any of the features of coreplus, check out our article on Troubleshooting Telehealth by coreplus

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