NDIS can be a pain, but we've made it simple to keep track of your participants plan details and funding. Such as, start and end dates, Plan Funding type and how much funding is remaining, all from the Client Overview page

  1. To add NDIS details, navigate to Clients file and select client and then click on Details/Referrers

2. On the right side of the screen under NDIS Plan Details, complete the Participant Number, Funding Type, Start and End Date and Amount and then click Update Client

💡 You should only add in the amount allocated to the service you're providing

💡 When creating an invoice for an NDIS participant, NDIS funded will default to Yes. This will deduct the amount from the NDIS Plan Details.

💡 You can also view all expired NDIS Plans from your Dashboard under Reminders and selecting Expired NDIS Plans from the drop down menu

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