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Special Telehealth Edition

This week we are highlighting our free telehealth solution 'TeleConsult'. There are endless options of free video conferencing solutions out there – but that’s where it stops, these are video conferencing – not telehealth solutions. Here's what you need to know about TeleConsult:


πŸ“° New blog post: 'TeleConsult Security Information'

As a proudly Australian healthtech solution, we ensure our system allows you to maintain your obligations as an Australian health provider. Read about it in our security standards for our telehealth feature - TeleConsult.

πŸ˜€ Want to know more about the security measures for TeleConsult appointments? Read an article from our Customer Support Team here: about it here.


πŸ˜€ A true Digital Healthcare experience for your clients, it includes: a virtual waiting room when your client enters their session, as a practitioner you can share files, resources and links, enable telehealth appointments via your online bookings. Read about how it works on our site here.

πŸ“° Read a post from guest blogger Robert Buehrig: 'The essentials for digital healthcare transformation success'

For those of you who have been thinking about the digital transformation of your practice (especially those of you who haven't!) this blog covers some great ideas as well as how to bring your team along for the ride.

πŸ“° Blog: 'Telehealth Therapy using Empathy & Compassion'
Including a livestream video with our CEO Yianni Serpanos and guest Weh Yeoh Co-Founder and CEO of Umbo.

πŸ“° Blog: The Corona Pivot: Private Psychology Practice in the time of COVID-19

From guest blogger Kaye Frankcom, to all our coreplus Psychologists.

πŸ“° Blog: 'Breaking Through TeleHealth in Physical Healthcare: Reimagining Healthcare'

Including a livestream video with our CEO Yianni Serpanos and guest Kennedy Lay, a Physiotherapist, Student Mentor and Founder/ Director of the Communication Experience.

πŸ“° Blog: 'Remote Outcome Monitoring, Measurement & TeleHealth: Reimagining Healthcare'

Including a livestream video with our CEO Yianni Serpanos and guest Dr Ben Buchanan, a Psychologist and co-Founder/ Director of NOVOPSYCH, an Australian based HealthTech company providing software for administering psychological questionnaires to patients remotely.


πŸ˜€ Included in our Standard and eHealth plans, you can enable and set TeleConsult up via your Add Ons. Click here for a how to guide.

πŸ˜€ Adjust your client appointment reminder templates to facilitate TeleConsult details into the reminder. Click here for a how to guide.

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