Data privacy, security and systems reliability is of the utmost importance when it comes to any digital health solution.

Since 2011, TeleConsult has been developed and managed by a dedicated software development and operations teams from their headquarters and primary data centre located in Melbourne, Australia. This platform has been adopted by coreplus.

TeleConsult strictly conforms with Australian privacy and security directives, and with enterprise-class health service operational protocols.

The head company, KeyTrust, has been active in the security and privacy management services business for more than 30 years, with clients in large public health care regions and, more broadly, within the enterprise business space. They ensure high levels of security, privacy, and operational integrity through regular audits.

Data Encryption

Data encryption covers the protection of data using encryption techniques. CollabCare utilise standard based encryption techniques. Data is encrypted both in transit and at rest. The following subsections describe each.

Data in Transit:

  • Data that traverses the internet is always encrypted using standard HTTPS protocols. 

  • The Web Application Firewall uses automatic redirect rules to ensure that the application URLs can only be accessed using HTTPS. 

  • CollabCare employs an HTTPS certificate, using 2048 bit RSA protocol to encrypt data in transit. 

  • Data in transit between the Web Application firewall and the back-end web server is also encrypted using HTTPS. 

  • Firewall Restricts access to only allow SQL connections from LAN addresses. 

  • Local LAN Access to local LAN devices only via AD authenticated connection. 

  • Database Access is restricted to authenticated sessions based on source address, username and password.

Data at Rest:

  • The only data at rest in the CollabCare application resides in the back-end database. 

  • User passwords are always encrypted using a one-way SHA256 hashing algorithm. 

  • The database may be located on Microsoft Azure secure cloud where several database encryption services are available.

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