📝 The add-on will need to be enabled and setup.
📝 An invoice will need to be created in order to generate the Pin Payment link.

📝 You can also save your clients card details with Pin Payments by accessing the Card Details link within the client details page.

From a clients file

1. From the invoicing page, hover over the actions button and select Manual/Instant Online Payment, enter in the client's Name, Card Number, Expiry, Security Code, then click Pay Now.

💡 Instant payment options will automatically process the payment, and will only appear if the client has card details saved with Pin Payments.

From the calendar

1. Right click on the appointment after an invoice is generated and select either Manual/Instant Online Payment, if Manual payment is selected, enter in the patients Email, Card Name, Card Number, Expiry, and Security code, then click Pay Now.

💡 Pin Payments options will only appear if an invoice is associated with the appointment.

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