Initiating the pin payment link is easy you just have to make sure you have some integral things done first. The add-on will need to be enabled. Then an invoice will need to be created and you will need to save your client's card details with Pin Payments by accessing the Card Details link on the client details page.

In this article we will discuss:

1. Initiating a pin payments link from the client's file

2. Initiating a pin payments link from the calendar

Initiating a pin payments link from the client's file

1. From the invoicing page, hover over the actions button and select Manual/Instant Online Payment.

2. Enter in the client's Name, Card Number, Expiry, Security Code, then click Pay Now.

💡 Instant payment options will automatically process the payment, and will only appear if the client has card details saved with Pin Payments.

Initiating a pin payments link from Calendar

1. Right click on the appointment after an invoice is generated and select either Manual/Instant Online Payment

2. Once Manual payment is selected, enter in the patients Email, Card Name, Card Number, Expiry, and Security code, then click Pay Now.

3. Once you have taken payment via pin payment, you can now also adjust the date banked on each invoice. Simply go to the invoice, select the $ button and click on edit.

💡 Pin Payments options will only appear if an invoice is associated with the appointment. You can also do a manual payment.

💡Pin payments does not allow duplicate payments. The card schemes don’t permit a sale to be split across multiple transactions and/or cards, as it can be an indicator of fraudulent activity or a customer trying to circumvent authorisation limits set by their card issuing bank. The general rule is: one transaction, one payment.

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