📝 The add-on will need to be enabled and setup.
📝 An invoice will need to be created in order to generate the Pin Payments link.
📝 You may want to update your Email signature to save some time.

💡 When sending a pin payment link, your clients are being offered to store their payment details for future use.

1. From the client's Invoicing page, hover over the actions button and select the option to Email to client/Email, adjust your to field, subject, email content, and click Insert Payment Button to include the link within the email, then click Send Email.

Clients view

Once your client receives the email and clicks on the Pay Now button, they will be taken to the Pin Payments portal.

1. Enter in the email, cardholder name, card number, expiry month/year, security code, and click Pay Now.

Once you have taken payment via pin payment, you can now also adjust the date banked on each invoice. Simply go to the invoice, select the $ button and click on edit.

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