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Enable client details to sync with Xero
Enable client details to sync with Xero

Allow your client's details to feed through to your Xero account

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Enabling this feature will allow client information such as first names, surnames, client registration numbers (CRN), email addresses and residential addresses to sync from coreplus over to your Xero account. Β 

It is vital to understand that this class of client information will be sent to data centres located outside of Australia and may put you in breach of the Privacy Act 1988

A Xero account is required for this integration to work. Start a free trial with Xero today. In order for client information to sync over to Xero, your client will need to at least have one invoice created within their file . The coreplus integration with Xero allows for a one-way sync only: coreplus to Xero. Any changes made in your Xero account WILL NOT sync back to coreplus.Β If you choose not to sync client details, they will appear as Coreplus Client in Xero.

In this article we will discuss:

Navigating to the Add on

  1. Navigate to the Dashboard

  2. Select Setup

  3. Select Add Ons

  4. Select the Xero Tile

Sync Client Details

1. Under the Sync client details with Xero dropdown menu, set it to Enabled

2. Click Save Settings

3. Within the confirmation pop up box, click Acknowledge

4. Once complete, you will see Save successful message

πŸ’‘ Once this feature is enabled and client information is synced, disabling this option will not remove identifying client information from Xero. This will need to be removed manually

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