Process a Tyro EFTPOS payment for a service that you've provided or for a product a client purchased.

📝 Before you can take an EFTPOS payment through your Tyro terminal

  1. Pair your Tyro terminal with coreplus 

  2. Start generating your invoice

💡 If you are using the invoice populator tool and include Medicare claims in your invoices, ensure to tick 'transmit' prior to taking payment via Tyro. If you have selected 'No' under the Medicare claim field you can ignore this step.

 1. Press the $ symbol to record a payment on an invoice 

💡 This is the same as recording a manual payment on an invoice

2. Enter in amount paid, select EFTPOS (TYRO) as the Payment Method, then press OK

3. Process the transaction with your Tyro Terminal and specify whether you'd like to print a receipt for your client 

5. Finally select Save or Update invoice.

📝 Reverse or Refund an EFTPOS payment
📝 Process a Health Fund Claim with Tyro

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