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Add a newly joined practitioner or receptionist to your coreplus account

Updated over a week ago

At some stage, you may need to add a new user to your coreplus account.
This could be a receptionist, admin staff, or practitioner. Below is a step-by-step guide on viewing existing users and adding new ones.

This article includes:

1. View all users
2. Adding a new user

View all users

1. Select My Account
2. Under Users select View All

💡 You can filter by Full Name, Username, Access Level, Position, and Specialty.

Adding a new user

1. Select My Account
2. Under Users select Add User

3. Enter in the relevant details ( Name, Access Level, Position, Specialty, Email, Mobile and Time zone.)

4. Click Save

💡 It's mandatory to select a Position while creating a user

💡 The Specialty selection will only appear once you've selected a Position

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