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Create a purchase category

Purchase categories are used to group together different purchases based on the needs of the practice

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Purchase categories can be based around finance or tax - eg. a category called Tax Deductibles can be used to store all purchases that are deductible for tax reasons. Categories can also be used in other contexts - eg. Dental Equipment would categorise purchases made for dental needs or Waiting Room could categorise all purchases made for that specific room.

In this article we will discuss:

πŸ’‘ Purchases can only be added to one category.

Navigating to Categories

1. Navigate to the Dashboard

2. Scroll down to Data then Purchases

3. Once you selected Purchases it will display the two buttons press Categories

Adding Categories

1. In the purchase dashboard click Add Category

2. Enter the name of the new category in the blank field

3. Click Save to finish creating a Category, close the pop-up box to return to the main Purchases page where you can Add Purchases

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