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Process a Tyro health fund claim

Process a private health fund claim through your Tyro terminal

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Processing a tyro health fund is really easy, it's a great way for your client to get their rebates directly through the merchant.

Prior to processing a Tyro health fund claim, you will need to add your specialities item codes, add your provider number, pair your Tyro terminal with coreplus and

generate your invoice. You may also need to access the tyro health fund codes.

In this article we will discuss:

Submitting the Tyro Claim

1. Click on the Payment \ Auto Assign button

2. Click on the Payment Method drop down, select Private Health Insurance (TYRO) and then click Ok

3. Select your service type, enter your patient ID, and service reference and then select OK

Processing the client's health fund card

1. On the Tyro terminal, swipe the patient's health fund card

2. Wait for the health fund claim to process

3. Once the health fund claim has been approved, click ACCEPT

4. The health fund claim should then be approved

5. When the client is ready to pay the gap payment, click Payment \ Auto Assign

6. Click on the Payment Method drop-down, select EFTPOS (TYRO)

7. Process the transaction with your Tyro Terminal and specify whether you'd like to print a receipt for your client.

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