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Setup an iCal sync

Sync your coreplus calendar to a mobile phone or web calendar

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The coreplus calendar supports iCal standards, which allows iPhones/iPads or Android devices to view appointments via their calendar application. It can also be setup to sync to your Gmail or Outlook calendars.

💡 The iCal feed is one way and only allows for appointments to be viewed. Appointments accessible through an iCal feed cannot be updated, created or deleted from your device.

💡  Microsoft Outlook for Mac - Version 16.25 or later currently doesn't support the functionality of adding subscribed calendar URLs

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Finding your iCal link

From the Calendar, click on More then Settings, select the iCal tab, then select your iCal link and copy it, or email it to yourself so you can access it from your phone 

Syncing with Google calendar, and Android devices

1. Login to your Google account, by going to

2. Click the + icon on the left-hand side

3. Select From URL

4. Paste the link into the URL of the calendar textbox
🛑 Do not tick Make the calendar publicly accessible

5. Click on Add Calendar 

💡 As long as you've signed into your Google account on your Android phone, the calendar will sync across.

Syncing with iPhones and other Apple devices

1. From the Settings app, click on Calendar  
2. Click on Accounts > Add Account
3. Select Other 

4. Choose the Add Subscribed Calendar option 
5. Enter the link from coreplus into the Server field, and click Next
6. Leave the password and username blank, and click Save

How long does the sync for iCal take?

Although Google updates the calendar automatically from the coreplus feed, the timescales can be up to 12 hours and there is no manual way to force the update, except for removing and re-adding the iCal link.

💡 The way an iCal feed works is that is your calendar application (e.g. Google calendar) periodically requests an update of the information from coreplus. That is, coreplus can not push the data to your calendar, it's your calendar that requests it from coreplus.

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