Keep your client's case status relevant and up to date by utilising the case status feature. With three options to choose from, Current, Closed or Deceased, the case status serves to ensure you know exactly what stage of their health journey a client is at with your practice. 

Changing to Closed or Deceased:

1. To update a client's case status, click on Details/Referrers from the client's file

2. In the Other Details section, select the relevant status under Case Status

3. Click on Update Client for the Case Status changes to take place

Changing to Deleted:

1. To update a client's case status to deleted, click on Delete button from the client's Overview page

2. The System will ask you to confirm - Click Yes to proceed

💡 By default Accounts Admins & Case Manager access level may not have access to delete client files, however this can be adjusted through their Feature Permissions via a Supervisor login.

💡 You can check which clients are under which status by going to Clients in the main menu panel

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