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Apply a custom data entry to a client file
Apply a custom data entry to a client file

Add or edit extra information for a client which isn't captured by the details section

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Custom data allows you to create a set or category to then capture information about that specific topic. You will need to create a custom data set before you are able to select one and add data to it from within a client's file.

💡 Not available on the Basic plan

Please, follow the below steps to apply a custom data:

1. From the client's file, click on Clinical

2. Click on Custom Data

3. Select the custom data set you would like to fill out

4. Clicking Save will save the answer to the custom data page

5a. Clicking Save to Client Files will create a file based on the custom data set

5b. The saved file can be found in the Files section within the Custom Data folder

🚀 You can create custom data entry forms for clients to fill out with our Sanpforms integration. Please, give it a look here: Snapforms

🚀 With our Patient Plus add-on, you can create custom data entry forms just like Snapforms, and additionally, you can fully customise the fields on the forms. Please, see here to find out more about it: Patient Plus

🚀 You can prescribe exercises and automatically archive them into client records via our SimpleSet add-on. Please, check it out here.

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