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Reporting - Client

Get insights into your caseload

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Get insights into the details of your clients with a range of reports ready and available to use.

Residential report

Using your client's addresses, the residential report shows what areas your clients are coming from. A Google Map shows blue pins for your site locations, and a red pin for your client's suburbs.

Referrer report

Determine how many clients and which clients have been referred from each referrer.


Site report

View how many clients are allocated to each site in coreplus. 


Injury/illness report

Determine how many clients are diagnosed with a similar injury or illness.


Practitioner load report

Identify each practitioner's current workload, helpful to spread work amongst practitioners. 


Newly added report

View clients who have been added into coreplus within the last four months.


Birthday report

Generate a list of client's birthdays which will occur in the selected time frame. Perfect if you want to send a personalised birthday card to the client.

💡 You can also run this report to export the date a client's file was created. Just pick the Date Range filter, and select a date prior to any client's birth date. E.G. 1/1/1900 would be a safe bet.

Marketing source report

View a breakdown of all your clients by the marketing source you have record in their client details.

NDIS report

Get bulk insights into your participants with new filters designed specifically for your NDIS needs.

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