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Submit an idea to the ideas portal
Submit an idea to the ideas portal

The Idea Portal allows members of the coreplus community to submit ideas, feature requests or suggestions and vote for ideas they like best.

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The Ideas Portal allows users to influence the features coreplus releases. Users are encouraged to submit their own ideas as well as voting on others, creating an open suggestions platform for our coreplus community.

This article includes:

1. Submitting an idea
2. Search for an idea
3. Vote and comment on an idea
4. Changelog

Submitting an idea

1. From the Dashboard, click on the question mark symbol (?) at the bottom left of your screen, then select Idea Requests.

2. You will find a submission box to post new ideas on the left hand side of the main page. Clicking on the image icon at the bottom left also allows you to attach pictures that illustrate your idea. Once you have selected the Category, filled in the Title and Details, click CREATE POST to finalise and post your idea to the coreplus community.

Steps 1-2

Search for an idea

You can search for an idea in the same way by clicking on the question mark symbol (?) > Idea Requests. Then click on the search bar in the IDEA REQUEST page and enter any relevant key words.

Vote and comment on an idea

You can vote on a post with the upvote option and add comments in the comment section.


The changelog allows users to see what changes have been made to the coreplus platform. It catalogues the new features that have been added, which features have been improved and which bugs have been fixed.

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