Internal Chat Function

Messaging your colleagues directly or using the calendar to advise that a client has arrived

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Our coreplus platform offers two amazing features which may help you during a busy day. You can advise a practitioner via the calendar of the arrival of a client with just one click or simply use the chat function to pass a message on.

This article includes:
​1. Instant Messaging
​2. Advise about the arrival of a client

Instant Messaging

To use our instant messaging feature, simply follow the below steps.

1. Click on the chat bubble in the bottom left corner

2. Select who you wish to message

3. Type away!

πŸ’‘ You can only use the Instant Messaging function if you have multiple users on the account.

Advise about the arrival of a client

This feature is great if your practitioner is busy or on the phone. You can notify them that a client has arrived by using the calendar function:

1. Open your Calendar via the main menu

2. Select the Client Appointment who you wish to notify about and right-click the appointment > Select IM practitioner patient has arrived
​3. When checking your dashboard, you can see the chat window including the direct message to your practitioner.

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