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Getting started with Katina

Enable the Katina add-on for your referral management

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Katina is a cutting edge automated referral management and client-practitioner match making software, helping you optimise your intake process, reduce admin burden and ensure best fitting clients for you and your practitioners.

To enable the Katina integration please follow the below steps:
πŸ’‘ You will need to have an account with Katina set up for the integration to work, click here to sign up.

Enable Katina

From coreplus:

  1. From the Dashboard go to Set Up > Add Ons

  2. Select Katina Online

  3. Accept the Terms & Conditions and click "I agree"

From Katina:

  1. Copy and paste the coreplus Access Token from Set Up > Add Ons > Katina

  2. Navigate to the Account section within Katina

  3. Locate the coreplus button and click on Manage

  4. Select YES to Enable coreplus Integration


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